September 1

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Six months into the coronavirus pandemic, state and local governments have been impacted in countless ways. Now, even as many public employees have returned to the office, governments continue to face uncertainties and disruptions to normal operations.

To better understand how agencies continue to be affected, Governing and Workiva surveyed dozens of agency leaders across the country.

In this 30-minute webinar, we’ll discuss the results of this new survey, and we’ll outline the biggest challenges that still lie ahead.

Key findings from this new research include:

  • How government teams are adapting to meet changing workplace needs in a post-pandemic environment
  • How the pandemic has exposed technology limitations in public agencies
  • When and how public-sector leaders expect to have their teams back in the office
  • How government finance and accounting teams are scaling efficiencies to meet new demands
  • How reduced revenues and budget constraints are reducing staff resources, delaying projects and limiting overtime
  • How governments expect to plug revenue gaps through federal aid, increased fees, raising taxes and other options – or whether they expect any new revenue at all
  • How tools such as cloud solutions and database virtualization are enabling operations to continue



Amber Banks

Solutions Engineer, Workiva

Justin Marlowe

Justin Marlowe — Moderator

Senior Fellow, Governing and Center for Digital Government