June 5

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After several months of economic shutdown, cities and counties are beginning their recovery. As local government leaders navigate this critical period, they face a slew of complex decisions, including how to best reopen government offices and safely return public employees to work, how to implement sustainable remote work and digital services to improve resiliency, and how to streamline regulatory processes to support local employers and business activity. 

On June 5, experts from the Center for Digital Government and Accela will offer practical advice on assessing, planning and executing local government reopening strategies. They’ll breakdown critical considerations around government workspaces, personnel policies, technology requirements, budgeting and more. Don’t miss this important opportunity to learn more about:

  • Accelerating your ability to support remote work, conduct virtual inspections, offer touchless transactions and other critical digital capabilities
  • Effectively communicating reopening plans and progress to executive leadership, staff and the public
  • Reprioritizing budgets and accessing economic stimulus packages and other funding



Darryl Booth

Darryl Booth

Managing Director, Accela Center of Expertise and Government Affairs

Justin Marlowe

Justin Marlowe

Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Government

Dustin Haisler

Dustin Haisler — Moderator

Chief Innovation Officer, Governing