September 24

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Government agencies throughout the country face a stark financial reality as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. In just four months, state and local governments furloughed or laid off 1.5 million workers – twice as many as in all of the Great Recession. The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities estimates state budget shortfalls will total $555 billion over state fiscal years 2020-2022. 

To survive these challenging times and continue serving constituents, government must quickly undergo transformative change. To support this change, agencies must have deeper insight into their financial and performance data to better understand their budget priorities and the success of their initiatives.

Join Governing on September 24 at 11 a.m. Pacific/2 p.m. Eastern as we discuss how the city of Olympia, Wash., is using a cloud platform to extract and drill into its financial data to get greater insights into its budgeting process and provide increased transparency to constituents.

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  • Get real-time insights into your actual spend vs. projected budget
  • Better engage the public in your budgeting process and let constituents communicate their priorities
  • Measure and share performance metrics across your internal and external stakeholder communities


Melynda Schmitt

Melynda Schmitt

Digital Solutions Manager, City of Olympia, WA

Caitlin Steel VP

Caitlin Steel VP

Customer Solutions, OpenGov

Justin Marlowe

Justin Marlowe — Moderator

Senior Fellow, Governing and Center for Digital Government