April 30

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Last year, the Iowa Department of Transportation transitioned to cloud-based human resources and financial management systems. Like many agencies, the department had relied on manual processes and outdated legacy technologies before the upgrades. New technology from Workday gives the department a sophisticated, easy-to-use platform for HR and finance, along with a host of modern, automated features. Now the Workday solution is being implemented across Iowa state government.

Join us April 30 to hear the inside story of Iowa’s journey to the cloud. Matthew Rensch, who led the DOT’s transition and now leads the statewide project, will describe the technology deployment, as well as critical business process improvements and change management involved in the implementation. Rensch, who recently was named Iowa’s first chief data officer, will cover:

  • Real-life insights and lessons learned from these projects
  • How Iowa DOT benefits from the new technologies
  • How the new systems fit into Iowa’s data strategy for the future


Justin Marlowe

Justin Marlowe — Moderator

Senior Fellow, Governing

Matthew Rensch

Matthew Rensch

Chief Data Officer, State of Iowa

Sherry Amos

Sherry Amos

Director of Market Development, Education & Government, Workday