April 27

The past year has brought tremendous uncertainties for fiscal leaders and budget directors in states and localities. The pandemic required an unprecedented pivot to remote work just as most government organizations were beginning their budget process. Tumultuous revenues and unpredictable federal aid added more difficulties to short- and long-range financial planning.

To better understand the perspective of government leaders, Governing is convening a virtual roundtable with a select group of decisionmakers in states and localities. We invite you to join us for this digital event on DATE AND TIME TK.

This off-the-record conversation will be a chance to share lessons learned, discuss opportunities moving forward and collaborate with your peers on ideas.

Central discussion themes will focus on: 

  • Exclusive new research from Governing and the Center for Digital Government on budget priorities and needs in states, cities and counties
  • Your biggest challenges and best lessons learned from the disruptions of the pandemic
  • Your broader digital transformation efforts, and how you plan to leverage technology in the future
  • How do you plan to modernize your budget systems and processes to make your jurisdiction more fiscally resilient?

We have also asked one of our partners, Workiva, to join us in the discussion. Their role will be to share their thoughts and relay what they are hearing from their government clients as they work to drive digital transformation in budgeting and fiscal planning.

Please let me know whether or not you can join us, or if you have any additional topics or questions that you would like us to consider for our discussion. I hope to hear from you soon.